Monday, March 7, 2011

More Information about Kaylee!

The little blurb on Kaylee's Reece's Rainbow page has been expanded! I was happy to see more information on Kaylee when I visited this morning.

"She is a gentle, kind, obedient girl. She loves to help adults perform any task in good faith: on dining room duty, watering the plants, spread out to fill materials. She likes to communicate with adults. She tries to settle problems among her peers peacefully. She is very accurate and she independently monitors her outward appearance. She is always asking the nanny to weave ribbons into her hair. Wearing a bow in her hair makes K very joyful. Collecting jigsaw puzzles, spreading out the mosaic patterns, K perseveres and completes the tasks at hand."

She sounds like such a normal little girl- and she is! The only thing missing is a family of her own! Are you that family? Would you be willing to donate to help her future family bring her home?

Please think about it...even $5.00 will help bring her home to her future family.


  1. She sounds like SUCH a sweet little girl! Makes me want to pick her up out of the photo and give her a hug. I hope she finds a family very soon.

  2. I know! Me too! I have a new picture of her too, I will post that tomorrow. :)