Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Picture Update!

Hi all! The yoga is going well- I'm successfully completing my second week of my fifth month in my Year of Yoga! I will post this week's breakdown when it's complete.

I am happy to be able to post today, a super new picture of Kaylee!  This picture is the new one that goes along with the updated description in the last post.

Isn't she cute?! I'm happy to see that she looks happier than in the last one. Doesn't she look like a sweet kid? I just want to brush her hair and put shiny bows in it and take her out to lunch.

And be her mom.

Oh wait, did I say that outloud? :)

Yeah, I really wish I could we could adopt her ourselves, but we are in the midst of finding out whether we will be moving to another state for a new job and that's just not really conducive to a serious discussion of adoption- or for a home study. Too many unknowns. So I will continue to pray that I can be instrumental in other ways in finding Kaylee a home. Who wouldn't want this sweet helpful little girl as their daughter?! For reals. 

Have a great day everyone! Remember Kaylee in your prayers!  (And wallets if able to do so...) :)

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  1. Oh my goodness, she's ADORABLE! I think her adoptive parents must not have found her picture yet, because who could turn down that sweet face? :)