Saturday, February 26, 2011

Baby Picture of Kaylee

This is an earlier picture of Kaylee. I can't tell how old she is in this picture- it's so hard for me to judge age when it comes to...well anyone...but she's much younger than she is now.

Look how happy and smiley she is. As it says in the description on her page, "she looked so joyful in an earlier picture, but now she looks like she just wants to get home". I think that's an apt description. In her earlier picture she does look joyful. Full of life.

In her current picture she just looks...weary. Like she wants to get home- just like her description says.

I know that there is a family out there missing a little girl- because she's living in an orphanage waiting for them. The costs of international adoption are so high that any family, even those we would consider 'very comfortable', would have a hard time coming up with the amount in the *relatively* short time frame required for adoption.

That is the purpose of Reece's Rainbow and the purpose of my project- to raise money to make the financial burden easier for a family that wants to bring Kaylee home. To her home.

She has a birthday coming up in a few months. She will be five years old and as it says on her page: "Judging by her age, she is probably facing imminent transfer away from the baby house to the institution".

This little girl already looks so sad and weary. I can't imagining how disheartening it would be for her to be taken from the only place she's known and the people that now care for her in the baby house to an institution.

If you have a few extra dollars- please send them Kaylee's way. No amount is too small- as even $1.00 is $1.00 that wasn't there before. Five people giving $1.00 is $5.00. One hundred people giving $1.00 is $100. Dollars add up.

I know the economy is horrible and so many people have so little, I truly understand! but if you can spare anything to support my project and help Kaylee, that 'anything' will help her more than we know.


  1. You look into Kaylee's eyes and you can tell she has an old soul. It makes me so sad, no child her age deserves a life like that :(

    I like to think she (and the kiddos I'm advocating for) would have a family already if it wasn't for that huge sum of money! It's such an expensive country to adopt from...

  2. Yeah, its really sad. Families have the money to take care of the child once home, but the adoption expense is a really large some to come up with upfront! Especially for children with special needs, this is really sad.

  3. I googled to try and see her Kaylee's prayer warrior was and couldn't find it. Then I found your comment on Jay's blog (the one trying to lose weight) This little girl has been on my mind so much lately. If I could get things to fall into place I would be over in a heartbeat to get her.

    I think it is great you are trying to raise money for her.

  4. HI Katrina! Thanks for your comment! I know what you mean, I decided to do this project when I couldn't get her little face out of my mind. I am not in the position to adopt right now, but I wanted to do something. Even the little I have already raised makes me happy (thanks to very generous sponsors)- its a small amount (compared to the amount needed) but every little bit adds up.

    Nice to 'meet' you!