Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wishes and Wondering

Little Porter. I go to his page everyday to look at his sweet face and to pray for him. I wish I could adopt him myself for sure, but since that is not presently realistic, I pray daily for his family to find him.

One other thing I wish for is an updated picture. In this picture he looks to be around two...? Not sure, but my son is two and a half and it looks like this picture is from a similar age. However, Porter is already five years old, so I hope the orphanage sends updated pictures soon. I wonder what he looks like now, how he's doing, what are his favorite games? Toys?

Orphanages vary greatly, and I pray that his is a good one. That the caretakers truly care for the children and that each child feels some love from someone.

I also hope that somehow Porter feels the love being sent to him by me and his other sponsors from far away. I don't think that love just disappears into the universe when you send it out, so I hope when it's sent out there, it makes it all the way over the ocean and into little Porter's heart.

These are my wishes for this precious child.

Monday, August 15, 2011

A Week in the Practice of a Budget Yogi- Monday

This post is the first of a short series of posts that documents a week in the life of my Year of Yoga. I call myself a Budget Yogi because I mostly do DVD's at home. DVD's are fine for the most part; I really enjoy the collection I have. Would I like to practice more in a real live studio? Sure, but but it really depends on my bank account on any given day, as well as child care, so mostly it ends up being just me, my cluttered living room, a two year old, a dog or two, a cat, and an onscreen Rodney Yee. Rock on!

Today I came home at lunch to do my yoga for the day. I only work 5 minutes or so away from my house, so sometimes this is a nice option- especially if I know the evening is going to be busy. It's also a nice break from everything to come home to an empty house and to light a candle and mellow out for a half hour in the middle of the day.

The DVD selection for today's practice was Yoga for Stamina- a nice 20 minute flow that includes my favorite Tree Pose. :) My mood for today's practice was half way between 'Totally Distracted Lets Just Do This So I Can Check It Off the List' and 'Totally Blissed Out'. My mind wasn't completely on task, but I wasn't completely unfocused either.

What I have found during this year is that I'm not going to be Totally Blissed Out everyday. Some days it will just be a check off the list- but that's ok. I'm there, I made the effort to pull the mat out and practice, and my body will get the benefit. When I'm conscious of a mindset like that, I try to focus more and be present, but sometimes it just doesn't stick. On days like those, I concentrate on the fact that I made good choices in getting on the mat, even if I wasn't totally present. What matters on those days is that I showed up.

I think life is often like that, no?