Monday, March 5, 2012

A Glimpse Into Porter's World

While on the Reese's Rainbow group on Facebook, I stumbled upon the best thing ever. TWO best things ever actually. At least to me anyway.  I found the blogs of two people blogging from the region and orphanage where Porter lives. They were actually there at the time I found their blogs!- so in real time, I got to see and read about their visits to the place where my little Porter lives.

So there are two awesome things about that. The first awesome thing, is that the posts are about another little girl in Porter's orphanage being adopted. There is one less orphan in the world TODAY! The other awesome that I got to live vicariously through Lora and Jane to visit Porter's orphanage.

So. Wonderful.

I would of course love to get an update on Porter and see an updated picture, as the one that's on the site looks like he's about two years old when he will be seven in August, but if I can't have that, reading these blogs was SOOOOOOO the next best thing! :)

Here are the links to the blogs, but over the next few days I will link to specific posts.

Lora's blog (Vi's new mommy!)
Jane's blog (Vi's Reece's Rainbow warrior who was with Lora in Vi's country for part of the adoption)

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  1. THANK YOU FOR ADVOCATING FOR PORTER!! My e-mail is - PLEASE E-MAIL ME!! I could not find yours!