Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Flight Platform Living: Orphanage 50 Picture Updates

The below blog is written by Jane from Flight Platform Living (she's the one who also visited Porter's orphanage) and highlights several children from Orphanage 50, children she was lucky enough to get to spend time with on her recent visit.
All the faces are darling and so deserving of loving families, but the one that struck me the most is Evan. The description says that he is a 'gentle soul'.

Can't you just see that from the picture? What a wonderful soul this child has- you can tell that his spirit would be such a blessing to any family- despite all the daunting medical issues. Today's post is in honor of Evan. Please pray that he finds a family to love him before he gets sent to the institution. No innocent soul deserves to be shut up in an institution, but his especially seems to need to be out in the world. Such gentleness would be such a blessing to the world. Someone bring him out into the world.

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