Monday, May 9, 2011

Reece's Rainbow 5/5/5

In the last post I introduced little Porter, the second child in the Yoga for Kaylee project (now that Kaylee found her family- yippee!!!)

In addition to the Yoga for Kaylee project- having people sponsor my Year of Yoga- for Porter, I am also participating in the 5/5/5 Warrior program through Reece's Rainbow. Here is a description of the program from the RR site (I tried to summarize, but their words are better and hold more information):

Our 5/5/5 Warrior Project is new for this year, and specific to 2011 as we celebrate our 5-year anniversary!  
After five years of service and more than 500+ children who are orphans no more, we have much to be grateful for but even more yet to do!   
From May 5 – July 31, 2011, our 5/5/5 Warrior Project will bring greater awareness and grant funds to all of our 5-year old children, to include those with Down syndrome and our Other Angels. 
 *********Instead of preparing for kindergarten like they should be, these little ones are hidden away and facing life-long suffering in adult mental institutions around the world.  
  Your donations and advocacy efforts truly can bring every one of these children HOME into loving forever families.   They should never have to step foot into a mental institution.  Money is the only thing standing in the way.   They deserve friends, a family, and a future.   Help us raise $5000 or more for each of our 5 year olds to celebrate our 5 year anniversary!
Funds raised during this special warrior project will be HELD for your child until January of 2012, without risk of it being reallocated to the older child pages.    This is a great opportunity to help these kids and make sure your efforts go for them to find a family.

  1. View the children who need 5/5/5 Warriors on these links:  BOYS and GIRLS.
  2. Sign up to be a 5/5/5 Warrior for a waiting child by contacting Laurie.   (Or write to
  3. Use our graphics for Facebook and your blog
  4. Purchase 5/5/5 shirts, mugs, and other cool stuff in our store at so you can share Reece's Rainbow in your community.
  5. If you are an RR adoptive family, please join us over the 4th of July weekend for our first reunion! 

So that's the 5/5/5 program that I am working on through the Yoga for Kaylee project. $5,000 is a big number, but little by little we can help Porter's 5/5/5 fund creep upwards toward that goal! Were you blessed with a big tax refund? Consider sending a little bit Porter's way! Good month at work? Pay those blessings forward!

The economy is not good, I do realize this- but I have also found that giving a little to help someone else, even while I am struggling, takes me out of my own worries and helps me to remember that I am very blessed, even in the midst of difficulty. And remember- any amount helps! Even a dollar or $0.50, is a dollar or $0.50 that helps little Porter get closer to finding his family. :)

All children deserve families that love them as the beautiful individuals that they are. Please help me raise the funds so that Porter's future family can bring him home!!

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