Thursday, April 28, 2011


Good, good, good news today!  Kaylee's profile has been taken off the 'Waiting Children' page and has been relocated to the 'My Family Found Me' page! :) I am SO happy. Kaylee finally has her family committed and working to bring her home.

Derek and Alyssa Chirch saw her and knew that she was the one for them. They still have a long road ahead- lots of paper work and unknowns and lots and lots of fundraising- but the process has been started and Kaylee now has a family working just for her.

They will still need lots of support, so please keep in touch with their journey to adopt Kaylee on their blog, Kaylee's Hope, and on the Facebook fan page of the same name. Please share with your friends too, it takes a village to get one of these sweet little ones home!!

As for me, I will still be helping with the efforts to bring Kaylee home in any way I can- look for a few pieces of my hand painted childrens clothes to be part of the Chirch's fund raising efforts!- but since Kaylee doesn't need a Warrior anymore (she has a family!) I will be using the rest of my Year of Yoga for another child still on the waiting list.

I will share posts from the Chirch's blog over here to keep all of the Yoga for Kaylee's sponsors updated, so don't feel like you won't get regular dose's of Kaylee info...but be looking for posts on the newest recipient of my Year of Yoga efforts very soon! Let's help bring another child home to their family!!!

Congratulations to the Chirchs and congratulations to Kaylee!!!


  1. Hi Becky! I've been following your blog and praying about Kaylee for weeks now. She (and you) got me interested not only in international adoption, but more importantly in adopting an HIV child.

    I"m still in the research phase of my adoption journey, but I've been praying earnestly about Kaylee for weeks now. At first, it seemed like a possibility that I should pursue adopting her; however, this week, I sensed a change and started to pray that God would send the right family for her if she wasn't for me. And it appears that it may have happened. HURRAY! PRAISE GOD!

    Like you, the more I learned about Kaylee, HIV and her life in the orphanage, I just couldn't live with the thought of her being transferred out of the baby house. So i prayed that God would send me peace and send her a family, if that was the plan.

    Then, I checked my blog updates tonight... and THERE WAS THE NEWS! Wow. God is so good, so faithful. And he has used you in a HUGE way in this child's life. Isn't prayer an amazingly powerful thing? Your kindness and commitment to this child you've never met is inspiring. Kaylee has hurdles ahead..big ones. So does this adoptive family. But she is on her way. :D

    So glad and grateful to have played even the smallest role in her first steps to her forever home. I'll continue to pray and monitor her progress via the blogs. What a privilege. And way to go with that yoga, too, girl! :)

    Tonight I'll fall asleep celebrating Kaylee, her new family, you and the love of my heavenly Father... a love that transcends distance and culture. A love that truly sees.

    Kreativity Fan, Birmingham, Alabama

  2. WOW. I am truly truly appreciative and humbled by your comment. Thank you so much for taking the time to write it. I am so glad to be connected with so many caring and special people- that I never would have known- through this blog and project. Thank you for reading and praying, and I hope you will continue to read and pray for the new waiting child as well! And of course...for Kaylee and her new family!
    Thank you so much again for your comment, it meant a lot to me to read it. :)