Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wishes and Wondering

Little Porter. I go to his page everyday to look at his sweet face and to pray for him. I wish I could adopt him myself for sure, but since that is not presently realistic, I pray daily for his family to find him.

One other thing I wish for is an updated picture. In this picture he looks to be around two...? Not sure, but my son is two and a half and it looks like this picture is from a similar age. However, Porter is already five years old, so I hope the orphanage sends updated pictures soon. I wonder what he looks like now, how he's doing, what are his favorite games? Toys?

Orphanages vary greatly, and I pray that his is a good one. That the caretakers truly care for the children and that each child feels some love from someone.

I also hope that somehow Porter feels the love being sent to him by me and his other sponsors from far away. I don't think that love just disappears into the universe when you send it out, so I hope when it's sent out there, it makes it all the way over the ocean and into little Porter's heart.

These are my wishes for this precious child.

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