Saturday, June 25, 2011

Beyond the Bars

I think of Porter, and by extension all orphans, at random times. Of course I think of them in my prayers and when I'm 'scheduled' to think of them, but they also come to mind when I'm not doing something actively associated. Today my son was having a bit of trouble settling down for a nap so I was sitting in the glider in his room, reading a magazine and waiting for him to settle. He was in his crib, with his back against the bars, reading a book. I glanced over, and all the sudden I was reminded that, whereas my son will take his nap and then get out of his crib to play and be loved in other areas of his own home, so many orphans- especially those outside the U.S. where Porter lives- spend most of their days within the confines of those bars.

That thought, like most of the thoughts I have in regard to Porter, was heavy and tinged with great sadness. No child deserves that.

To counter the sadness, I sent prayers out for all those children spending their time in bleak situations. I can not fix everything, I know that. I also know however, that its important to do what one can. I hope by putting his picture out there and by helping to raise money for his adoption fund, that I can help Porter find his forever family. That he will be saved from the institution that will be his fate if he is not 'rescued' by the age deemed too old for the baby house. I am humbled by that opportunity, but also sobered by its importance.

Thank you so much to all those who are also helping Porter- I am most definitely not alone in my efforts, and I am eternally grateful for that. Please continue to pray and send good thoughts for Porter to find his forever family.


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